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CERES FH10S Underfloor Heating Thermostat

It’s now easier and more efficient to set the temperature as you wish. CERES FH10S underfloor heating thermostat helps you to precisely control the temperature of your home. You can save energy and optimize your comfort. Thanks to its easy installation, start using it straight away and adjust the temperature of your home to your liking. Temperature control is just a touch away!

You can achieve maximum savings and comfort by controlling underfloor heating systems, which are preferred to provide a comfortable indoor climate, increase energy efficiency and achieve an aesthetic appearance, with the Underfloor Heating Thermostat. You can control your underfloor heating thermostat with the optional floor sensor connection or with room temperature measurement.

fh103s-room fh103sb-room

Underfloor Heating Control

Optionel Floor Sensor

Floor Overheat Protection

230V Connection

Wired Connection

Surface Mounting


Optional Floor Sensor

The optional Floor Sensor continuously measures the floor temperature and transmits this information to the thermostat. Thus, temperature fluctuations are better balanced and you can maintain the desired temperature in every corner of your home. Especially in rooms with underfloor heating, this sensor makes it much easier to achieve ideal comfort.

*GENERAL Life floor sensor must be connected to the underfloor heating thermostat.

Overheat Protection

If the optional floor sensor is connected, the overheat protection will be active at 28°C. If the GENERAL Life floor sensor measures 1°C above the set temperature, your Room Thermostat will turn off the heating unit. If it measures 1°C below the set temperature, your Room Thermostat turns on the heating unit.

Thus, it provides savings and comfort by keeping the ambient temperature within a certain range.

*GENERAL Life floor sensor must be connected to the underfloor heating thermostat.

CERES FH10S Underfloor Heating Thermostat Technical Data

fh103s teknik
Dimensions ( H/L/W )
85.7mm / 85.7mm / 33.5mm

Operating Current
230V AC

Relay NO Switching Current
7A (240VAC – Resistive Load) 10A (120VAC – Resistive Load)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy

Operating Sensitivity

Operating Temperature Range
(5°C) – (30°C)

Operating Temperature
(-10°C) – (+50°C)

Storage Temperature
(-20°C) – (+60°C)