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Isıpark company established with %100 domestic capital. Domestic production products which are developed by Turkish engineers were presented with GENERAL Life brand to the clients.

It has been exporting to 26 countries in the worldwide with continuously developed innovation in line with its targets.

Together with growing and thriving sales network, with developed product range, with allocated resources for R&D and P&D Works, by the result of analysys of customer expectation; the products which keep comfort, elegance and technology together in line with the requirements, have been demanded with each passing day by increasing.

Isıpark have added the smart room thermostats, fan coil thermostats, valve groups and valve motor groups to room thermostats product range which had been exist even since the first years.

Isıpark who always carries bigger steps with its quality products and service concept, has been keeping supply its products and services with its tradings in national and international area.