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What is the room thermostat?

Room thermostat measures your home temperature and fix it on the temperature which you desired. And it provides turn on or off your boiler on required time.

Why I should use room thermostat?

According to its working principle, the heating units indexed to heat the water inside installation system. You supposed that , your heating unit is boiler and Let’s say you set it to 50 degrees. Your combi Boiler works until temperature of your house is up to 50 degrees regardless of the temperature of your home. When it reaches 50 degrees , it stops. Even if everything seems like as normal here; this system cause to your monthly invoices to be approximately 35% higher.

When you use room thermostat, also your boiler works with 50 degrees temperature. But room thermostat shuts down the boiler regardless of installation system temperature when your home arrives to required temperature and prevent from the unnecessary operation of your boiler.

How do I save 35% with room thermostat?

According to personal using, saving rates with room thermostats change. It is recommended to keep the room temperature 22 degrees in the day and 18 degrees at night for maximum saving. 1 degree temperature differences have an impact on your invoices %8.

• The sun, insulation system, etc.. have an effect upon temperature of the your home. When your house receives sunlight, you can make your boiler work less with the room thermostat.
• If you fix your home temperature 22 degrees in the day, you might prevent from the unnecessary fuel consumption and avoid the energy loss with heated walls.
• By setting to 18 degrees in your sleeping hours, you can ensure both healthy sleep and saving.
• When you are on outside, you can decrease your home temperature. It avoids the unnecessary energy consumption and you spend less energy for heating again.

Does my room thermostat compatible with my boiler?

If your boiler includes on-off connections, all our room thermostat models compatible with.
You can find needed informations about your boiler on user manuals or by calling your boiler service.

When does the room thermostat open or close my boiler?

When the room temperature arrives 0.5 degrees up from required temperature, room thermostat closes your boiler. When the room temperature decreases 0.5 degrees under from required temperature, room thermostat opens your boiler. For example, Let’s say you set your room thermostat to 22 degrees . When the room temperature rises to 22.5 degrees ,room thermostat closes your boiler. When the room temperature decreases to 21,5 degrees ,room thermostat opens your boiler.

What is the difference between wireless and wired room thermostat?

Wireless room thermostat communicates with receiver by radio frequency. Therefore, wireless room thermostat can be placed in a place which you wish in your living area, like as recommended on user manual.
Wired room thermostats are connected to the heating unit by cable.Therefore, the cable should be pulled up between the boiler and the wired room thermostat, till the area where wired room thermostat will be placed.

What is the temperature calibration setting and what does it do?

Sensors used in room thermostats are very sensitive. If you would like to base the temperature of thermometers in your living area, you should calibrate your room thermostat. The adjustment of temperature calibration can be between -8 and +8 degrees. Suggested calibration temperature is 0.0 degrees. Please read the user manual of room thermostat if you would like to make calibration setting.

How do I deactivate the room thermostat?

When you press the manual (M) button on the receiver of wireless and smart room thermostats, the light shows orange, and room thermostat deactivates from the system. In this case, boiler keeps operating with instalment water temperature.

Does room thermostat have an effect on domestic water temperature?

Room thermostat doesn’t have any effect on domestic water temperature, instalment or natural gas meter.

What are the "measurement sensitivity" and "working precision"?

Measurement sensitivity is a temperature value measured by room thermostats . This value is 0.1 C for all room thermostat models. The working precision is the differences between opening and closing temperature of boiler and this value is 0.5 C.
HT500 SET room thermostats are used for remain stable of selected or specified room temperature on heating systems. It is compatible with all boiler models which have got on-off connections.