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FC100 Fan Coil Thermostat

FC100 fan coil thermostat is designed for two-pipe systems. It allows you to set the desired temperature range and ensure that this temperature is maintained. It provides an important control to achieve your desired comfort level and increase energy efficiency with the manual heating and cooling option to ensure summer-winter transition. Designed to precisely control indoor temperature with 3-stage adjustable fan speed.

A fan coil thermostat is a device used with heating or cooling systems. A fan coil thermostat is associated with a fan coil unit. Fan coil units are devices that usually provide air circulation to rooms within a building. Fan coil thermostats are generally used in air conditioning systems in commercial or residential buildings such as hospitals, hotel rooms, and office buildings. Fan coil thermostats measure the room temperature and regulate the indoor temperature by controlling the fan coil unit to reach the target temperature set by the user. Fan speed can be adjusted in 3 stages.

For 2 Pipe Systems

3 Stage Fan Speed

Heating&Cooling Options

220V Connection

Wired Conenction

Surface Mounting

FC100 Fan Coil Thermostat Technical Data

fc100 teknik
Dimensions ( H/L/W )
90mm / 145mm / 29.8mm

Operating Current
110-220V AC 50/60 Hz

Relay NO Switching Current
8A (250VAC – Resistive Load) 8A (30 VDC – Resistive Load)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy

Operating Sensivity

Operating Temperature Range
(5°C) – (35°C)

Operating Temperature
(-10°C) – (+50°C)

Storage Temperature
(-20°C) – (+60°C)