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How Do We Save Money When Using Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners, which are no longer a luxury, are in almost every home, especially in hot areas. During the summer months, careless consumers face a fluffy electricity bill. So what is the effect of air conditioning on the electricity bill and how much can it be reduced?

Although it is said that the installation of the purchased air conditioners in the right place is known as the most effective way of saving, it is possible to save a lot more with tricks that you will not think of. The correct air-conditioning usage and the arrangement of the environment according to the air conditioner, are also contributing factors. If we talk about other ways of saving:

• First make sure that the installation of the air conditioner is in the right place.

• Ensure that air conditioning is suitable for the environment. Large and small air conditioners can consume more energy.

• Controlling temperature with electronic thermostat saves efficiency by up to 30%.

• Do well to insulate the environment where the air conditioner is used; keep the doors and windows closed.

• If you do not intend to use your air conditioner for a long time, close the circuit breaker.

• When the air conditioner is in cooling mode, cover the outdoor unit to make a shade with a canopy which does not prevent airflow.

• Be careful not to use other electrical appliances when your air conditioner is in cooling mode. These tools increase the energy that the air conditioner will spend by spreading heat to the environment.

• Clean dust arrester filters at regular intervals and prevent airflow from being blocked.

• Replace your air-conditioners that are over ten years old. Older air-conditioners spend 40% more energy compared to new air-conditioners for the same cooling performance.

• Operate your air-conditioner in dehumidification mode on damp, non-hot days. Turn off your air-conditioner if it is cool outside.

• Prefer air-conditioners with programming mode. Schedule your air conditioner to close when you are not in the environment and to turn on when you are.

• Make sure that the air inlet outlet of the indoor unit of your air conditioner is not covered with curtains, furniture, etc.

• Prevent the environment from cooling down. Your air-conditioner consumes more energy in these situations.

• Prevent sun rays from entering the area directly when your air-conditioner is working.

• Clean your filters at intervals specified in the instruction manual.

• Adjust the vertical and horizontal wing direction of the air conditioner to ensure that room temperature and airflow are evenly distributed.

• Do not do any maintenance without consulting your authorized service. Wrong applications can cause big expenses.

But most importantly, make your air-conditioner smart with General Life and save up to 40% of your electricity consumption!