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How Should We Use The Boiler In Winter?

To reduce the gas bill, it is important for everyone to save heat, especially in winter.

To obtain more efficient energy, increase the combustion efficiency, and maintain the boiler for safe combustion should be carried out by expert persons. In order for your combination to burn with high efficiency for many years, save energy, and detect possible malfunctions that may occur in the future, boiler maintenance should not be skipped in order to reduce repair and operating costs.

For you to provide both comfort and savings in winter, the boiler usage suggestions are as follows;

* Depending on the outside air temperature, it is more economical to burn heating devices continuously at low temperature than to burn intermittently.

* Air tightness should be ensured on windows and doors. Window tape and sponges can be used to prevent air leaks. The gaps between the window Decking and the wall must be filled.

*Tables, chairs and beds should be kept away from the outer wall in the rooms. *When sleeping at night, the room temperature can be reduced to 16-18 °C by using a thick blanket.

* The tops and fronts of the radiators should not be closed.

* Radiators should be turned off or turned down in unused parts of the house.