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Ways to Save Energy at Home

Saving means “using sparingly, spending something carefully” and nowadays requires a high degree of consumer awareness. There are countless areas where savings can be made in daily life. In this context, we have discussed the energy-saving methods that can be done in the home. 

Conscious use of energy resources is necessary not only to reduce our bills, but also to fulfill our responsibility to the environment in our increasingly depleted world of energy resources. It is the responsibility of all of us to use our existing resources consciously in order to leave a livable environment for future generations.

You can contribute to environmental sustainability while reducing your bills by applying these simple suggestions in your daily life.

How to save energy on electrical appliances?

One of the important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying household appliances is energy consumption. Energy-efficient electrical appliances account for 40% of your average household expenditure. Therefore, when purchasing, you should also consider the annual operating cost that it will bring you along with the price.

TVs, computers, and game consoles continue to consume energy in standby mode. You should unplug the computers, coffee machines, all electrical appliances in your home instead of keeping them in standby mode when you are not using them. As an alternative to unplugging, we recommend sockets with on-off switches. Thus, instead of unplugging all products, you can stop this consumption with one button.

Start the washing and dishwashers by filling them to full capacity. At the same time, using the ECO mode of washing and dishwashers will help you save electricity and water. Remember that fast programs have higher consumption.

Turning off the kettle when you are not using it, and filling as much water as you need while using it will also prevent wasting both water and energy resources.

Be careful not to keep the refrigerator door open for a long time. During the time it remains open, the refrigerator will consume more electricity to cool the air inside. In the same way, instead of putting food in the refrigerator while it is hot, we recommend that you put it outside after it cools down.

Clean the bag of your vacuum cleaner often. As the bag fills, the suction power of your vacuum cleaner decreases and consumes more electricity for a cleaning process with the same performance.

Get the air out of your radiators before winter. Having air in the radiator will cause you to burn the boiler at a high temperature, while your house cannot heat up. You can take advantage of any service for the air intake of the boiler, as well as you can do it yourself by using a key and a water bucket.

Things to be considered in the use of heating and cooling units

This is one of the biggest mistakes made, especially when using electric heaters and coolers. For example, in summer, when the air conditioner cools the room, turning it off and turning it on again after 1 hour causes a serious energy expenditure. Because every time the temperature changes, the air conditioner will use extra energy to come back to the targeted temperature. Our suggestion to you is to run such products at a constant temperature and regularly. To see other tricks related to the use and maintenance of air conditioning, you can take a look at our content called How to Save Money When Using Air Conditioning;

Save fuel by using your boiler more accurately

Turning off your boiler when you are not at home and turning it on while you are at home or playing with the constant-degree setting also causes serious consumption and bloated bills. What you need to do to save money when using a boiler is not to cut down on your comfort, but to use it consciously. For other simple tips that will save fuel when using a boiler, you can check out our article Ways to Save Fuel from a Boiler.

Did you know that you can save up to 35% on your natural gas bill by using a room thermostat? General Life room thermostats with new generation TPI artificial intelligence technology prevent your combination from working continuously and allow you to save up to 35% energy without giving up heating your home. What you need to do to save money when using a boiler is not to cut down on your comfort, but to use it consciously.