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Do You Know How To Use The Combi Boiler During Spring?

Room thermostats keep our homes steady at temperatures we feel comfortable with and save us money. Not only that, but if the Combi boiler is positioned on the balcony, it saves you the trouble of setting the temperature in the cold winter days. With smart thermostats we can control from our cell phones, we don’t even have to get up from our bed for temperature control.

During the winter months, even during the night, the “warming” situation is different in the spring. The temperature difference between night and day is quite high in spring, especially in terrestrial climates, during the day temperatures can be much higher than in the night. Therefore, less heating is needed during the day, and the benefit of room thermostats comes into effect here. If we’re not using the room thermostat, the boiler we left open in the morning is constantly working.

If the outside air temperature rises during the day, our boilers are constantly working, our homes are overheated and consume extra natural gas. In cases where the room thermostat is used, the boiler in our house, which is already warming in the day, is prevented from working. If your room thermostat is smart and it detects that we are not in our house, then your boiler is managed to maximize savings.

The most important need is to take advantage of the sun’s help in the spring months, where you can save more than the winter season, is a smart room thermostat! With General Life Smart room thermostats, the savings rate can be up to 50% on hot days and the temperature can always be as constant as possible. Therefore, you enjoy yourselves, and save money with General Life products.