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Fan Coil Units and Fan Coil Thermostats

The fan coil system is essentially a completely watery system. Fan Coil Units, consisting of two parts, a fan and a coil, are devices used for heating and cooling. These units need a thermostat to be controlled.

If there is a single coil in the fan coil used, the installed system is called a two-pipe fan coil system. Two pipes circulate in the system making distribution and collection. A distribution pipe and a collection pipe are connected to each fan coil unit. In this case, either cold water or hot water can be circulated throughout the system. If there are two separate coils as heating and cooling in the fan coil, the installed system is called a four-pipe fan coil system. Four pipes circulate in the system, making two distributions and two collecting. Two distribution pipes and two collector pipes are connected to each fan coil unit. Cold water circulates independently in one of the pipe pairs and hot water in the other. Therefore, heating and cooling can be done simultaneously in each fan coil unit independently of each other. In this case, both cold water and hot water are circulated in the whole system at the same time. Therefore, both heating and cooling can be done at the same time in the whole system. There is no need to switch the system from cooling to heating. In this respect, four-pipe fan coil systems are used in zone systems and provide excellent thermal comfort, especially in the intermediate seasons.

What are the Features of Fan Coil Units?

1. Each room can be controlled independently with the fan coil unit. Setting up a zone system is quite easy.

2. You can control them with fan coil thermostats. Thus, in each room, besides meeting the variable load (hotel, hospital) throughout the day, there is also the possibility to choose different room setting temperature.

Fan Coil Thermostat - What does Heating/Cooling mode mean?

Since fan coil systems operate in heating and cooling, it is required to perform heating or cooling in summer or winter periods. This option can be adjusted in the mode section. In General Life fan coil thermostats, heating or cooling mode selection can be made manually. When heating mode selected; If the room temperature falls below the set temperature, the fan coil is activated and tries to heat the environment. In cooling mode, if the room temperature rises above the set temperature, the fan coil is activated and tries to cool the environment.

Where is the Fan Coil Thermostat Used?

Fan coil systems used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and business centers operate in two types. These systems, called 2-pipe and 4-pipe, directly affect the comfort and energy savings of the users.