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SENNA HT270S Wired Room Thermostat

You can control your home temperature using preset modes with SENNA HT270S wired room thermostat featuring TPI algorithm and mode options. SENNA HT270S, which you can use manually if you wish, maximizes your comfort while saving energy.

Use your room thermostat to reduce your energy costs by selecting economy mode at night and comfort mode in the morning to raise the room temperature.

Thanks to TPI technology, your room thermostat creates a temperature map of your home and learns how long it takes to reach your set temperature and how to maintain this temperature with minimum energy consumption. The artificial intelligence algorithm prevents your heating unit from running continuously while keeping your home at the desired temperature. This ensures comfort and maximum savings on energy bills.

senna270s-room senna270sb-room

On/Off Control

mode 1

Mode Option

You can choose the most suitable mode for your situation and manage the temperature of your home with the modes of your room thermostat.

You can use your room thermostat in manual mode without changing your mode settings.

mode 1
Comfort Mode
Economy Mode

TPI Algorithm

Room Thermostats with TPI technology predict when the temperature of your home will increase above or decrease below the set temperature and turn the heating unit on and off accordingly. This ensures that your home stays at the set temperature with minimal deviations up and down.

It provides minimum energy consumption by calculating how long your heating unit should run.


Easy Switching between Heating/Cooling Modes

You may need to adjust the temperature of your home according to the seasons. You may want to enjoy warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Your room thermostat is designed to give you the best comfort for every season.

You can quickly and easily switch between heating and cooling modes with a single press of a button on your room thermostat.


Room Thermostat Manual Use

For instant temperature change, you can use your room thermostat, which has mode option, manually with the temperature adjustment buttons. Your mode settings will not change in manual use.

Wired Room Thermostat

Wired room thermostat communicates with the heating unit via a cable. It is usually mounted on the wall. We recommend placing it in a central location where there is not much air circulation.

Battery Indicator

Pil göstergesi, oda termostatınızın pil tüketimi hakkında sizleri bilgilendirir. Pil değiştirmek oldukça kolaydır. Ekranda zayıf pil uyarısı çıktığında, sadece yeni pilleri takmanız yeterlidir.

Technical Data

senna270s kablo teknik
Dimensions (H/L/W)
85mm / 125mm / 20mm

Operating Current
3V DC (2 x AAA Alkaline Battery)

Relay NO Switching Current
2A/30VDC (Resistive Load) 0.5A/125VAC (Resistive Load)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy

Operating Temperature Range
(5°C) – (30°C)

Battery Life
1 Year (2 x AAA)

Operating Temperature
(-10°C) – (+50°C)

Storage Temperature
(-20°C) – (+60°C)


Installation and Usage