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Tips on How To Choose An Air Conditioner

The summer season gradually began to make its impact felt. If you are thinking of owning an air conditioner before the summer, these tips are for you: 

• Make a good analysis of the place where the air conditioner will be installed. Evaluate the size of the environment and the position of the windows and select the air conditioner that meets these criteria.

* The cheaper air conditioner cannot cool the environment enough, it constantly consumes energy and causes a large electricity bill.

• When buying an air conditioner, prefer the one with a high energy efficiency rate and energy class A.

• The air conditioner for heating should have has an inverter*. Inverter air conditioners have better performance compared to other types of air conditioners in terms of both heating and cooling. The air compressor in these air conditioners adjusts its own way of operation according to the needs of the environment in which the device is located. In other words, when the ambient temperature reaches the level you set, the air conditioner runs more slowly or stops. It automatically detects even the slightest heat change in the environment in which it is located and sends a signal to the compressor, and the compressor starts blowing air again at its former speed. This provides energy savings of up to 40% per year compared to inverter-free air conditioners.

* In order to be able to adjust the humidity balance of the environment where you will use the air conditioner well, prefer a device with dehumidification capability. Air conditioners with this feature maintain the humidity level without overcooling the environment.


* Pay attention to the filter equipment of the air conditioner. While the filters of some devices only capture dust and pollen particles in the air, filters in devices with more advanced technology disrupt the effects of allergies by changing the protein structure of these particles.

*The brand of the air conditioner you will buy is very important. The fact that there is a widespread service network that you can always reach during the installation phase or when you encounter any problems also makes you comfortable in the period after the device purchase process.

• Do not forget to get the “General Life Climate Control Kit” to provide savings and comfort with the air conditioner you will receive. By preventing excessive operation of your air conditioner, you can increase efficiency and keep the temperature of your home at the desired comfort level with Sleep and Home modes.