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Ways to Save Fuel from the Boiler

Natural gas boilers are one of the most preferred systems for heating residential buildings with the widespread use of natural gas in our world. Thanks to this new system, the problems experienced in central heating in apartments are now eliminated and everyone pays as much as they use. Boilers, which are more affordable, healthier and more reliable than the central system, are unfortunately not used efficiently in the full sense. Since the characteristics of the type of boiler purchased and how to use the boilers are not exactly known, extra fuel is consumed. Combi boilers provide fuel savings of 15% or more when used correctly and in a controlled manner. What you need to do to use your boiler efficiently and save fuel;

1. When leaving the house, the boiler should not be turned off, it should be brought to the economic setting. When the boiler is turned off, the temperature value of the house will decrease, so the boiler consumes more fuel when it is started to heat it up again. 

2. Full efficiency can be obtained from the heat by cleaning the honeycombs and maintaining the boiler regularly. 

3. The efficiency of up to 20% can be used, by choosing condensing boilers and evaluating water vapor.

4. Room thermostats are devices that allow your boilers to work as long as necessary in order to bring your homes to the desired temperature and keep them stable here. In this way, both your homes will be kept at a constant temperature that you feel comfortable with according to changing outdoor weather conditions and you will save on natural gas because the boilers run as long as necessary.