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Who We Are

ISIPARK A.Ş. manufactures environmentally friendly products with its own brand GENERAL Life and OEM brands for the needs of the heating & cooling sector, taking energy efficiency into consideration. Room thermostats, smart room thermostats, underfloor heating thermostats and fan coil thermostats are among the mass production products in the product portfolio. Isıpark continues to develop new projects using the latest technology to provide energy saving and comfort.


ISIPARK A.Ş. presents its innovative products to its customers under the GENERAL Life brand and brings the products together with customers at many locations both in Türkiye and abroad. ISIPARK A.Ş. is a supplier that provides OEM production support by completing the design, engineering and quality control processes for manufacturers operating on a global scale.

Discover our FH Series Designed

for Underfloor Heating Systems

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Smart Solutions

Wherever you are in the world, you can control the temperature of your living space with the mobile app and practically create daily and weekly schedules to prevent unnecessary operation of your heating unit.


TPI Artificial Intelligence Technology

Designed to ensure you get the best possible energy efficiency from your heating system, TPI technology calculates how long your boiler needs to run, ensuring minimum energy consumption.

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Room Thermostat for Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating thermostats manage the heating unit to keep the system at a certain temperature, either through a sensor in the floor or by measuring the room temperature. In this way, the temperature of different rooms is controlled.

Innovative DesignsProducts that follow the developing technology

Saving SolutionsTailor-made climatization solutions

Environmentally Friendly ProductsComfortable control of energy consumption