Ways to Save Energy at Home

Saving means “using sparingly, spending something carefully” and nowadays requires a high degree of consumer awareness. There are countless areas where savings can be made in daily life. In this context, we have discussed the energy-saving methods that can be done in the home. 

Conscious use of energy resources is necessary not only to reduce our bills, but also to fulfill our responsibility to the environment in our increasingly depleted world of energy resources. It is the responsibility of all of us to use our existing resources consciously in order to leave a livable environment for future generations.

You can contribute to environmental sustainability while reducing your bills by applying these simple suggestions in your daily life.

How to save energy on electrical appliances?

One of the important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying household appliances is energy consumption. Energy-efficient electrical appliances account for 40% of your average household expenditure. Therefore, when purchasing, you should also consider the annual operating cost that it will bring you along with the price.

TVs, computers, and game consoles continue to consume energy in standby mode. You should unplug the computers, coffee machines, all electrical appliances in your home instead of keeping them in standby mode when you are not using them. As an alternative to unplugging, we recommend sockets with on-off switches. Thus, instead of unplugging all products, you can stop this consumption with one button.

Start the washing and dishwashers by filling them to full capacity. At the same time, using the ECO mode of washing and dishwashers will help you save electricity and water. Remember that fast programs have higher consumption.

Turning off the kettle when you are not using it, and filling as much water as you need while using it will also prevent wasting both water and energy resources.

Be careful not to keep the refrigerator door open for a long time. During the time it remains open, the refrigerator will consume more electricity to cool the air inside. In the same way, instead of putting food in the refrigerator while it is hot, we recommend that you put it outside after it cools down.

Clean the bag of your vacuum cleaner often. As the bag fills, the suction power of your vacuum cleaner decreases and consumes more electricity for a cleaning process with the same performance.

Get the air out of your radiators before winter. Having air in the radiator will cause you to burn the boiler at a high temperature, while your house cannot heat up. You can take advantage of any service for the air intake of the boiler, as well as you can do it yourself by using a key and a water bucket.

Things to be considered in the use of heating and cooling units

This is one of the biggest mistakes made, especially when using electric heaters and coolers. For example, in summer, when the air conditioner cools the room, turning it off and turning it on again after 1 hour causes a serious energy expenditure. Because every time the temperature changes, the air conditioner will use extra energy to come back to the targeted temperature. Our suggestion to you is to run such products at a constant temperature and regularly. To see other tricks related to the use and maintenance of air conditioning, you can take a look at our content called How to Save Money When Using Air Conditioning;

Save fuel by using your boiler more accurately

Turning off your boiler when you are not at home and turning it on while you are at home or playing with the constant-degree setting also causes serious consumption and bloated bills. What you need to do to save money when using a boiler is not to cut down on your comfort, but to use it consciously. For other simple tips that will save fuel when using a boiler, you can check out our article Ways to Save Fuel from a Boiler.

Did you know that you can save up to 35% on your natural gas bill by using a room thermostat? General Life room thermostats with new generation TPI artificial intelligence technology prevent your combination from working continuously and allow you to save up to 35% energy without giving up heating your home. What you need to do to save money when using a boiler is not to cut down on your comfort, but to use it consciously.

Meet The TPI Technology


TPI technology is designed to ensure you get the best possible
energy efficiency from your heating system. It measures and
applies the best possible timings to reach and maintain your home
at the desired temperature value.


Thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence technology in the
software, it adapts to the temperature change of its environment.
By creating a general temperature map of your home, it learns how
long it takes to reach the desired room temperature and how this
temperature is maintained.
In this way, it provides minimum energy consumption by
calculating how long your boiler should work.

On/Off Oda Termostatı Çalışma Testi
TPI Oda Termostatı Çalışma Testi


In Non-TPI thermostats, the boiler runs and stops continuously
until it exceeds the desired temperature value. When a certain
amount falls below the desired temperature value, the boiler will
start up again. This creates greater temperature fluctuations and
less energy control.
TPI thermostats, on the other hand, provide higher savings and
comfort compared to On/Off thermostats with their advantages.

Karşılaştırma Grafiği


Since TPI room thermostats calculate the minimum boiler
operation times required to raise your home temperature to the
desired level and maintain it at this point, higher savings and
comfort are provided.

Karşılaştırma Tablosu

Fan Coil Units and Fan Coil Thermostats

The fan coil system is essentially a completely watery system. Fan Coil Units, consisting of two parts, a fan and a coil, are devices used for heating and cooling. These units need a thermostat to be controlled.

If there is a single coil in the fan coil used, the installed system is called a two-pipe fan coil system. Two pipes circulate in the system making distribution and collection. A distribution pipe and a collection pipe are connected to each fan coil unit. In this case, either cold water or hot water can be circulated throughout the system. If there are two separate coils as heating and cooling in the fan coil, the installed system is called a four-pipe fan coil system. Four pipes circulate in the system, making two distributions and two collecting. Two distribution pipes and two collector pipes are connected to each fan coil unit. Cold water circulates independently in one of the pipe pairs and hot water in the other. Therefore, heating and cooling can be done simultaneously in each fan coil unit independently of each other. In this case, both cold water and hot water are circulated in the whole system at the same time. Therefore, both heating and cooling can be done at the same time in the whole system. There is no need to switch the system from cooling to heating. In this respect, four-pipe fan coil systems are used in zone systems and provide excellent thermal comfort, especially in the intermediate seasons.

What are the Features of Fan Coil Units?

1. Each room can be controlled independently with the fan coil unit. Setting up a zone system is quite easy.

2. You can control them with fan coil thermostats. Thus, in each room, besides meeting the variable load (hotel, hospital) throughout the day, there is also the possibility to choose different room setting temperature.

Fan Coil Thermostat - What does Heating/Cooling mode mean?

Since fan coil systems operate in heating and cooling, it is required to perform heating or cooling in summer or winter periods. This option can be adjusted in the mode section. In General Life fan coil thermostats, heating or cooling mode selection can be made manually. When heating mode selected; If the room temperature falls below the set temperature, the fan coil is activated and tries to heat the environment. In cooling mode, if the room temperature rises above the set temperature, the fan coil is activated and tries to cool the environment.

Where is the Fan Coil Thermostat Used?

Fan coil systems used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and business centers operate in two types. These systems, called 2-pipe and 4-pipe, directly affect the comfort and energy savings of the users.

Advantages of Using a Room Thermostat

Room thermostat is a temperature control device that keeps the ambient temperature at the set value. The room thermostat, Especially preferred to be used in individual heating systems such as combi boilers, measures the ambient temperature and ensures that the combi is fired when the temperature drops and the temperature is always kept at the set level. Thus, during the winter months, both fuel consumption can be saved and the desired ambient temperature can remain at the same value.

There are two types of digital room thermostats as wired and wireless room thermostats. In the wired room thermostat, the connection of the combi and the thermostat is provided by the cable in between. In the wireless room thermostat, it is possible to connect with the boiler without the need for a cable. So what are the advantages? In a combi without a room thermostat, you need to make the settings on the combi to set the desired ambient temperature.

When the water temperature transmitted to the radiators, through the combi thermostat, is adjusted, the boiler will be based on the temperature of the water circulating in the installation to activate ,and since the temperature of the water returning from the radiators by releasing its temperature to the environment will decrease, it will work more and consume more fuel.

When you do not use the room thermostat, although the combi will continue to operate continuously based on the temperature of the water circulating in the installation with the adjustment made on the combi,when the room thermostat is used, the effects of the outdoor temperature on the indoor environment will also be effective in the operation of the boiler.

When air temperature increase , the ambient temperature will also increase, so your combi will not work unnecessarily, which will provide you savings on fuel.

The initial cost for room thermostats, which are extremely easy to use and install, will be met in a short time with the fuel savings to be made thanks to the device.

Importance Of Boiler Closet

What is boiler closet? Is it something you must use ? It has been wondered that cabinets which are produced in purpose of covering the boiler from any external impact,are necessity or not.

Nowadays boiler montages are done by authorized personnel in a way that how it requires to be done.Just like every boiler would not require a closet ,you don’t have to use a cabinet in every spot.

If your boiler montaged in the kitchen due to project since it is not going to be affected from external impacts there would not be any need for putting the boiler into closet ,unless you think that boiler solely doesn’t look good in the kitchen,you may look for customized closet for it.If your boiler montaged on your balcony,up to the fact that if your balcony is covered or not you would be notified by authorized personnel about getting a customized closet for your boiler.You should pay attention to this notification.

Especially in the cold days of winter,your boiler in balcony might freze and cause you significant loss.We suggest you to consider this possibility at earliest by either getting a closet or by covering up your balcony. When you decide to get a boiler closet,we would not recommend you to buy a instant closet that you may find in construction stores.These instant closets may sound appealing at first since it would be cheaper yet most important fact is if that closet is going to suit your boiler or not.

If your boiler is montaged at your kitchen and you do not want to get closet,you may get a mdf based furniture from your furniture shop.In case your boiler is montaged on your balcony and you do not want to get a customized closet we recommend you to get a plastic based cabinets since it would be much more protective against water.Also just by getting a cabinet you should not assume that boiler become a frost proof,all pipes located in bottom part must be insulated to not to take any risk.

If your boiler is montaged at your kitchen and you do not want to get closet,you may get a mdf based furniture from your furniture shop.In case your boiler is montaged on your balcony and you do not want to get a customized closet we recommend you to get a plastic based cabinets since it would be much more protective against water.Also just by getting a cabinet you should not assume that boiler become a frost proof,all pipes located in bottom part must be insulated to not to take any risk.

Kombi Dolabının Önemi

How Should We Use The Boiler In Winter?

To reduce the gas bill, it is important for everyone to save heat, especially in winter.

To obtain more efficient energy, increase the combustion efficiency, and maintain the boiler for safe combustion should be carried out by expert persons. In order for your combination to burn with high efficiency for many years, save energy, and detect possible malfunctions that may occur in the future, boiler maintenance should not be skipped in order to reduce repair and operating costs.

For you to provide both comfort and savings in winter, the boiler usage suggestions are as follows;

* Depending on the outside air temperature, it is more economical to burn heating devices continuously at low temperature than to burn intermittently.

* Air tightness should be ensured on windows and doors. Window tape and sponges can be used to prevent air leaks. The gaps between the window Decking and the wall must be filled.

*Tables, chairs and beds should be kept away from the outer wall in the rooms. *When sleeping at night, the room temperature can be reduced to 16-18 °C by using a thick blanket.

* The tops and fronts of the radiators should not be closed.

* Radiators should be turned off or turned down in unused parts of the house.

Ways to Save Fuel from the Boiler

Natural gas boilers are one of the most preferred systems for heating residential buildings with the widespread use of natural gas in our world. Thanks to this new system, the problems experienced in central heating in apartments are now eliminated and everyone pays as much as they use. Boilers, which are more affordable, healthier and more reliable than the central system, are unfortunately not used efficiently in the full sense. Since the characteristics of the type of boiler purchased and how to use the boilers are not exactly known, extra fuel is consumed. Combi boilers provide fuel savings of 15% or more when used correctly and in a controlled manner. What you need to do to use your boiler efficiently and save fuel;

1. When leaving the house, the boiler should not be turned off, it should be brought to the economic setting. When the boiler is turned off, the temperature value of the house will decrease, so the boiler consumes more fuel when it is started to heat it up again. 

2. Full efficiency can be obtained from the heat by cleaning the honeycombs and maintaining the boiler regularly. 

3. The efficiency of up to 20% can be used, by choosing condensing boilers and evaluating water vapor.

4. Room thermostats are devices that allow your boilers to work as long as necessary in order to bring your homes to the desired temperature and keep them stable here. In this way, both your homes will be kept at a constant temperature that you feel comfortable with according to changing outdoor weather conditions and you will save on natural gas because the boilers run as long as necessary.

Tips on How To Choose An Air Conditioner

The summer season gradually began to make its impact felt. If you are thinking of owning an air conditioner before the summer, these tips are for you: 

• Make a good analysis of the place where the air conditioner will be installed. Evaluate the size of the environment and the position of the windows and select the air conditioner that meets these criteria.

* The cheaper air conditioner cannot cool the environment enough, it constantly consumes energy and causes a large electricity bill.

• When buying an air conditioner, prefer the one with a high energy efficiency rate and energy class A.

• The air conditioner for heating should have has an inverter*. Inverter air conditioners have better performance compared to other types of air conditioners in terms of both heating and cooling. The air compressor in these air conditioners adjusts its own way of operation according to the needs of the environment in which the device is located. In other words, when the ambient temperature reaches the level you set, the air conditioner runs more slowly or stops. It automatically detects even the slightest heat change in the environment in which it is located and sends a signal to the compressor, and the compressor starts blowing air again at its former speed. This provides energy savings of up to 40% per year compared to inverter-free air conditioners.

* In order to be able to adjust the humidity balance of the environment where you will use the air conditioner well, prefer a device with dehumidification capability. Air conditioners with this feature maintain the humidity level without overcooling the environment.


* Pay attention to the filter equipment of the air conditioner. While the filters of some devices only capture dust and pollen particles in the air, filters in devices with more advanced technology disrupt the effects of allergies by changing the protein structure of these particles.

*The brand of the air conditioner you will buy is very important. The fact that there is a widespread service network that you can always reach during the installation phase or when you encounter any problems also makes you comfortable in the period after the device purchase process.

• Do not forget to get the “General Life Climate Control Kit” to provide savings and comfort with the air conditioner you will receive. By preventing excessive operation of your air conditioner, you can increase efficiency and keep the temperature of your home at the desired comfort level with Sleep and Home modes.

Get Acquainted With General Life

General Life will make life easier by adjusting your boiler’s temperature with its smart and manual thermostats. It makes your life more comfortable with its smart home Technologies and protect your economy by energy saving at the same time.

How does General Life work and provide more comfortable life?

The products of General Life does not affect your natural gas insulation, natural gas meter or hot water usage. They operate your boiler as depends to your demand by connecting to on/off room thermostat output of your boiler. You can manage your boiler with your mobile phone, with manual usage or by programme. General Life is not used with mobile phone only, also it works with computers which have got internet connection. Applications work both mobile and web based.

Thanks to the different modes of General Life, you will not only save on, also you open the doors of a comfortable life.

Do You Know How To Use The Combi Boiler During Spring?

Room thermostats keep our homes steady at temperatures we feel comfortable with and save us money. Not only that, but if the Combi boiler is positioned on the balcony, it saves you the trouble of setting the temperature in the cold winter days. With smart thermostats we can control from our cell phones, we don’t even have to get up from our bed for temperature control.

During the winter months, even during the night, the “warming” situation is different in the spring. The temperature difference between night and day is quite high in spring, especially in terrestrial climates, during the day temperatures can be much higher than in the night. Therefore, less heating is needed during the day, and the benefit of room thermostats comes into effect here. If we’re not using the room thermostat, the boiler we left open in the morning is constantly working.

If the outside air temperature rises during the day, our boilers are constantly working, our homes are overheated and consume extra natural gas. In cases where the room thermostat is used, the boiler in our house, which is already warming in the day, is prevented from working. If your room thermostat is smart and it detects that we are not in our house, then your boiler is managed to maximize savings.

The most important need is to take advantage of the sun’s help in the spring months, where you can save more than the winter season, is a smart room thermostat! With General Life Smart room thermostats, the savings rate can be up to 50% on hot days and the temperature can always be as constant as possible. Therefore, you enjoy yourselves, and save money with General Life products.